Rachel + Joel // Effingham, IL Wedding Photography

Rain! That’s been the theme of this year. Not just a little rain here and there but going weeks with rain or a chance of rain, and so far nearly every Saturday has had a chance of rain. Rachel and Joel’s wedding was no exception. From 10 days prior up to the day off, the weather channel was predicting an 80%+ chance of rain throughout the entire day. The radar showed showers in the area. I was getting pretty angry at the weather as it makes it just a little difficult to find locations to shoot wedding parties that are open enough to allow us to move around and open to letting people inside where ever it might be that we do pictures. There really aren’t a lot of buildings with overhead protection to allow us to evade the rain. HOWEVER… by some miracle, there was not a drop of rain the entire day! Showers still remained in the areas around us, but no rain for us, thank God!! How awesome! Sure it was a little humid, but whatever, I’ll take humidity over rain any day (at least when it comes to pictures).

Every year, we seem to have a theme that carries on throughout, and I’m not even going to humor the obvious theme with rain. No, the theme this year seems to be; smooth. Every wedding so far, regardless of weather, has been extremely smooth. Sure, the rain adds some hiccups in there, but overall everything goes smoothly, so smooth that we leave the wedding with energy left to do something. The past few weddings we have hung out with friends afterward, gone to the late showing of a movie, it’s crazy. In years past I’m drained physically and mentally. This leads me into Rachel and Joel’s wedding. When I set a timeline for pictures, I always leave a little extra time in there just in case, you never know. Like every wedding this year, though, this extra time was not needed. We finished everything we had planned 30 early. After the ceremony we went out to a location that had a pond, some trees, a little bridge and we spent time with the wedding party taking pictures, again, it went SO smoothly. We had perfect weather, the wedding party was beyond amazing to work with, and Rachel and Joel we of course fantastic.

After losing about 5 pounds in sweat because of the humidity we made our way to the KC Hall in Effingham, IL to start the reception festivities. The timeline for the reception was perfect, the wedding party entered and immediately following, Rachel and Joel cut the cake. After the meal, all the reception formalities happened one after the other and they were able to get to the party so quickly. Before the party Rachel and Joel tossed the bouquet and garter. I usually don’t go into talking about these events too often but the pictures from both of these turned out to show quite the emotion and story in them. First of all, I’m pretty sure Rachel tried to rig who she was throwing the bouquet to. 😉 Unfortunately it looks like that didn’t work. Secondly, the guys boxing each other out during the garter toss was pretty funny, but even more hilarious is the fact that none of them caught it, as you can see in the pictures! We had such a blast working with them, and the pictures definitely show that the day was pretty incredible as well. Congratulations Joel and Rachel!


Reception Hall :: Knights of Columbus
Reception Decor :: Walnut Street Weddings
DJ :: Complete DJ – St. Louis
Floral :: Burkland’s
Dress :: Ella Park Bridal
Hair/Makeup :: Bladez Salon
Jeweler :: Millennium – Effingham, IL
Cake :: Mary Niccum
Tux Rental :: Men’s Wearhouse