Sarah + Trent // Teutopolis, IL Wedding Photography – Keller Convention Center Reception

Leading up to the big day, it’s been pretty brutal out. Summer is upon us, so obviously the heat comes with it. With temperatures hovering 100 especially with the heat index, the wedding day was surely going to be a hot one, but as Sarah mentioned, it was expected. However, it looks like late spring decided to make a July appearance, because it was a cool 70 degrees out. On top of that, it was cloudy. A photographer’s dream day; overcast and cool. Although the day seemed perfect, the radar showed a difference store. Rain practically covering the midwest. We did what we could outside before the ceremony knowing that it would be raining afterward. Let’s just say, this day was a day of opposite of the assumptions. We assumed it’d be hot and sunny, it was cloudy and cool. We assumed it’d be raining after the ceremony… well, it didn’t! At least not for about an 40 minutes. This was perfect timing to get pictures of Sarah and Trent and the entire wedding party. The radar even showed rain right on top of us, but thankfully it was not. About the time we wrapped things up, the rain came. Seriously, could you ask for anything better?

Sarah and Trent were such a fun couple. They were nothing but smiles all day and on top of that, they seemed so relax (which is fantastic for pictures). The ceremony was held at St. Francis Church in Teutopolis, IL. As always there, the ceremony was absolutely perfect. From prep, to the ceremony, to the formal pictures afterward, everything seemed to happen so smoothly. After outdoor pictures with the wedding party, and partly because of the rain, we arrived to the reception early. So early we had enough time to get plenty of detail pictures. This was great! We are usually in a rush to set up equipment before the wedding party is announced, and we have about five minutes to grab as many detail pictures as possible, and before guests claim all of their seats (making it even harder to create detail images). Sarah and Trent’s wedding? I think we had over an hour at the reception hall. Speaking of the reception, to keep things rolling as far as a smooth day, the reception was held at the Thelma Keller Convention Center in Effingham, IL. I love receptions here! I know that the reception will go along smoothly and we won’t have to worry about a thing, except for capturing images, of course. Overall, Sarah and Trent’s wedding day was absolutely perfect and we were so thrilled and honored to spend the day capturing all of the important moments.