School Pictures

It’s that time of year for school pictures, and what better way to do school pictures than to do pictures in a school? An old school for that matter! My niece and Nephew had their school pictures taken, and for the sake of traditionalism, those pictures are nice and all, but we are pulling away from traditional pretty quickly. I’ve seen a shift in all types of pictures, from weddings to seniors over the course of eight years, but in the past year, especially, photography is really changing. We live in a social media world where we love to share pictures of ourselves, our kids, families, and what we are doing. Granted, this has been the case since Myspace, but I’ve noticed in the past year, people are booking sessions just to have updated pictures of themselves to share on social media. When it came to school pictures, we had actually talked about doing pictures that looked like the traditional school pictures, but after planning a family trip to the pumpkin patch in Arthur, IL, we thought it might be cool to do Kortland and Emma’s school pictures in the old school. This is definitely something I’d like to do more of. The thing I love about these pictures compared to traditional school pictures is that they are so much more laid back. The background is real too. I’m sure we all grew up having school pictures sitting on the fake greek column with the fake sunset through the old house window, right? And pictures in a traditional classroom just wouldn’t cut it. And old classroom has character and looks more studio while keeping things real. I loved it!