Senior Pictures 2017

For around the last four years, senior pictures have been a type of session I’ve not really pursued heavily, but it’s easily one of my favorite types of sessions. This summer I have decided to start pushing senior pictures a lot more. On top of that, since our photography is constantly evolving, I have pushed to do something totally different with senior pictures than many others are. As you can see in many of the other blog posts, I tend to lean toward a more classic, film style edit with photography. Seniors will have this same style, but I want to take it to a new level. Not something that’s trendy or far out, but keeping with the classic look but a little bit darker. I love the darker edits and the way it allows the person to just pop in the image, but enough of the background is viewable that it creates an almost mystical look to the image. In a previous post, I talked about how I have been working on creating my own unique edits for pictures, not so much relying on photoshop actions and lightroom presets that have been made by others, but rather by me. This way I have a look that absolutely no one else will have, thus resulting in a final product that will be unique to you. I’ll have a lot more coming soon on senior pictures, including a session with colored powder that I’m pretty excited about. Until then, here’s a sampling of our new look for seniors!