Sigel, IL Wedding Photographer :: Casey + Brad

Last year, I had the opportunity of working with Brad and Casey to do their family pictures. A short time later, I received a message from Casey that they had a wedding date and wanted me to photograph their ceremony. As I mentioned in one of my previous blogs, recently I’ve been in the process of rebranding exactly what I want my photography to specialize in. I concluded that rather than specializing in just one type of photographer, such as weddings, seniors, families, I would specialize in the preserving of life’s moments for people. In this case, last year I photographed their family. This year, we had the opportunity to photograph those two families joining as one. I love being able to provide a service where folks can look back and see progress being made in their lives. Maybe it’s a high school senior from a few years ago that’s now getting married. Maybe it’s a married couple who are having their first baby. Whatever the case, I want my photography to be able to specialize in the preservation of those moments! With that said, it was so great being able to work with Casey and Brad’s family again! The day was absolutely wonderful and I’m thrilled with the pictures we were able to produce. After the ceremony, we went out to their farm where we did their family pictures. This was probably the most decorated barn I have ever photographed, primarily because they had drapery throughout the perimeter! This is only the third wedding I’ve ever done where drapery lined the perimeter of the reception hall, and it really makes an impact. I’d love to see this become more popular around here. We worked around the farm taking pictures in areas that meant something to Casey and Brad. This is one thing I love about photography. Being able to not only photograph moments for people, but producing pictures that have meaning to them is pretty special. I’m so thankful that we were allowed the opportunity to work with these two and their family again, the whole family was great, and we couldn’t be more joyful for them!