Spring // Newborn Pictures

Our first newborn session! This is definitely an exciting time for us as a business. Baby pictures are something I attempted some years ago. However, I attempted them without any education on how to photograph babies. I figured it was just like regular sessions, just a much smaller human. Totally wrong! I was impatient and very nervous to move the baby so I would have the mom try to set up the pose, it wasn’t great. So, I stopped. I’m the type of person, if I can’t do it great, I don’t want to do it at all. Granted I know photography, like anything, requires time and practice to get great, but one way to get great is to educate yourself on what you’re doing and this is one thing I did not do, and for this reason I knew I was not prepared for the task of photographing babies. Education in photography is something that I feel is super important. The way we work, the business of it, everything changes so quickly and education helps us stay on top of our game. Same reason a doctor will go through hours of education every year, things change and while our job as photographers doesn’t involve saving people’s lives, we are responsible for capturing moments in time that may never happen again.

At the beginning of this year, as I explained in another post, we decided to start doing baby pictures. We weren’t 100% sure when we would start, but the education process would start. Natasha has been the head of the newborn sessions, and education is something she’s been doing a lot of. With hours of educational videos and workshops, she’s been hitting the ground running with it. Earlier this year, I received not one, not two, but three inquiries all really close to one another. We figured the time was now to start the newborn pictures. Two of our couples from last year contacted us asking if we did baby pictures, it’s for this reason that I really wanted to add baby pictures to what we did because in years past we’ve had to turn away many couples we worked with because we didn’t do them, and as I mentioned before, I didn’t want to just do them to do them, I wanted to make sure after their wedding we could still provide them with great work. The timing was great for two of our 2015 couples to have babies because this is the year! However, our first session was not a couple we photographed last year. A couple of friends from church contact us after they found out asking if we did baby pictures. Again, the timing was perfect, as a matter of fact we were going to be offering those sessions this year! We set things up with the Spring’s and about a week after the birth, we were photographing their sweet baby boy!

This session could not have gone any better for our first! A sleepy baby is a must when it comes to setting up poses during a newborn session, and sleep he did… the entire time! For our first newborn session, I’m extremely thrilled with how they turned out. And for once I can brag about the baby pictures because I didn’t take them, so it’s not me bragging about my own work. I’m bragging about Natasha’s work behind the camera. She did a great job and for her first time, they turned out pretty amazing! I look forward to what takes place in the future with babies!