St. Louis, MO Engagement Pictures :: Kylie + Mike

FINALLY! It feels like Spring outside. What a perfect day we had for pictures today. The sun was out, which may not sound like something to celebrate, but when it’s been behind clouds for what seems like an eternity, I’ll celebrate any ray of sunshine that makes its presence known. Today what quite a day for pictures. Very early this morning we had headshots at a company in Mattoon, IL. On the way home, it was video at Firefly Grill in Effingham for a couple of hours. Then, after we wrapped things up there, I had just enough time to run home, change shirts, say hi to the fam and jet. Mke and Kylie’s session started at a place I’ve not been to in a while, an area by the Old Spaghetti Factory with cobblestone roads. I love this area because of its uniqueness, it’s age, and the character it provides for pictures. From here, we walked over to the arch landing where we explored the area for a bit.

Afterward, we went to an area that was totally new to me, surprisingly; Soulard. I’ve shot close to this area in the LaFayette Square part of town, but never Soulard. It had so much to offer. Again, so much character present here too. Everywhere I looked there was a photo opportunity. However, I’ve learned over the years doing traveling photoshoots, it’s impossible to get everything. You have to chill the excitement, even though sometimes it’s nearly impossible, and look for the truly creative areas. Whenever I do city sessions, I will, of course, get some of the big shots, the ones that everyone probably gets, at least in terms of scenery. For the most part, though, I love to look for things that might be a little different. Whether it’s a different perspective on some things like I did of the arch picture below where you only see part of it or looking for areas that might otherwise be deemed undesirable by most and making it look great.