Taylor + Evan // Fort Branch, IN Wedding Photography

Week one of our two-week road trip for shoots, and what an exciting one to start out with. We made our way to Fort Branch, IN for Taylor and Evan’s wedding, and it was pretty cool being in an area that we hadn’t been in for a while, but yet it still seemed somewhat familiar from previous shoots. It’s always interesting working in Indiana, being from Illinois, because there are parts of Indiana that are in eastern time zone and some in central time zone. Fort Branch is in CST, and even though I confirmed with Evan that they were in fact CST, I literally search google, asked Siri, and a few other resources just to be absolutely certain. It may be overkill, but when your drive is 2 hours long, one needs to be sure they aren’t going to jump ahead an hour and miss out on a lot of moments. So far, this year has been a year of smooth weddings in terms of photography. I don’t know if it’s because we allot more time than needed for certain parts of the day, or if the days themselves just go so smooth it works within our timeline, regardless, Evan and Taylor’s wedding was no exception. Everything from the prep to reception went so smoothly that we were able to keep things within our timeline and not go long on anything, which guests tend to appreciate because it means the meal begins on time too.

Last time I worked with Evan and Taylor we were at Busch Stadium in St. Louis doing pictures. It was pretty wild seeing some of those pictures presented throughout the day, it’s always warming and exciting knowing that couples love their pictures so much to show them off. These two were so awesome, we have such a great time working with them and their wedding party. The day was full of laughter for sure as their wedding party was definitely that; a party. Plus the cloudy skies allowed for some amazing pictures out on the family farm, so that’s always exciting as a photographer. We loved working with Evan and Taylor, and having a bit of a drive definitely made it even more exciting as it was a bit of an adventure seeing new places that we don’t typically see everyday. It’s kind of funny, but there are some photographers in the area that can’t believe we would travel at such a distance, especially for no extra charge, but while I love local weddings, I absolutely love getting out and seeing new places and if it means spending $30 out of pocket for gas, I’d say it’s well worth it.



Reception Hall :: St. James Madden Hall
Reception Decor :: OBJ Design
DJ/Lighting :: Matt Kelly – Matt Kelly & Associates
Floral :: OBJ Design
Ella Park Bridal
Jewelry :: Brinker’s Jewelers
Cake :: Rhonda Fehrenbacher
Bartenders :: Carriage Inn
Transportation :: SUV Limousine