Tim + Desiree | Effingham, IL Wedding Photography

Welcome wedding season 2015 and what a perfect day for it; sunny and warm. It’s always fun walking into the first wedding of the year because after having the winter off from weddings you realize just how out of shape you’ve become from standing for 8+ hours, no bathroom or lunch break and your creative juices flowing at 110%, talk about mentally draining, but at the same time, I LOVE IT! Seriously, the stress of a wedding day is awesome, I thrive on it and it definitely helps keep us on our toes. Desiree and Tim’s wedding and reception were both located at the KC Hall in Effingham, IL and I was quite fond of the ease of everything about the wedding day with prep, ceremony, formal pictures and reception taking place at the same place, I’m a fan.

We absolutely loved working with Tim and Desiree, they are such a sweet couple and both have such great personalities. It definitely made for not only a great wedding day for the two of them and their guests, but a great time for pictures. After the ceremony, we made way to Ballard Nature Center in Altamont, IL where we spent some time on some amazing out door pictures. Seriously, we couldn’t ask for a better day, it was perfect out and it was definitely a day that was set perfectly for these two. The reception began and Desiree and Tim wanted to do an introduction of the party a little differently. Rather than introduce couples individually as they walked in, they introduced the bridesmaids who had their own dance worked out, then they introduced the groomsmen who had their own dance lined out. It was a dance off that was voted on by the applause, and the guys dressed as the village people came out victorious. This was just the start of the night too. As the night progressed, Desiree and Tim were on the dance floor longer than anyone celebrating their big day together. I love this, not only as a photographer but personally, I love it because this is what the day is all about: the two of you! And celebrating it on the dance floor together? Perfect!


Knights of Columbus Hall
DJ/Band :: Jon Wright DJ
Jeweler :: Webers Jewelers
Cake :: Hollis Flour Shop
Tux Rental :: Webers Clothing
Invitations/Koozie/Programs :: Design Pro