Victoria + Nick // Forbes Lake Kinmundy, IL Engagement Pictures

I love when sessions take me to new places that I haven’t been, at least for photography, and this year alone I think I’ve been to more unfamiliar places than the five previous years combined. While it wasn’t a long trek, Victoria and Nick’s engagement session took place at Forbes Lake just outside of Kinmundy, IL. The location was stunning and we were able to grab some pretty amazing pictures in a pretty small radius of where we started. There was still quite a bit of walking from spot to spot, but small in the sense that we weren’t walking for miles (even though it started to feel like it at a couple points). For the most part we were in a park area that had so much to offer from open areas with trees surround it, plenty of trees and trails and then a spot by the water, this was the spot where we had to walk a little ways, and once you entered the wooded area, the breeze stopped and the humidity started to settle in. However, Victoria and Nick push through (or rather cut through) the humidity and we were able to get some pretty amazing pictures by the water. After our time in the park, we ended the session at the marina. The timing was absolutly perfect. The sun was just peeking over the tree line so we had a good shaded (and cool) area to wrap up the session. Overall, it was a fantastic day. I loved working with Victoria and Nick (and their daughter!) and I can’t wait to show off more pictures from this session!!