Wedding Albums and Why They Are Important

Often times when talking about our wedding albums, the assumption is made that they are either from Shutterfly or no different than what they have to offer. So to begin, let’s put that thought to rest, because they are definitely different in every way possible, except that both our albums and shutterfly type albums have pictures on the pages, that’s the only thing that’s similar. Why are albums so important, and why do we include them with our wedding collections? It was 7.5 years ago when Natasha and I got married. We received a 200-page old school photo album where you slip the 4x6s in. It wasn’t long after that those pictures ended up in storage. That kind of album just wasn’t something that fit with our style to have out. I wasn’t a professional photographer yet, but this laid the ground work for what was to come. When I started shooting weddings professionally in 2010, I included high end albums in all of our wedding collections. Why? I wanted to make sure that couples had something high quality, modern, and classy to tell the story of their wedding day. I wanted it to be something that they would be proud to show off in their home. Ultimately, I looked at a wedding album as the couple’s first family heirloom. We live in a digital world, but the fact of the matter is that hard drives fail, technology changes, and there will come a day that all of our digital files will no longer be available. There’s a quote that says we are the most photographed generation, but there won’t be any pictures of all of that in 10 years. Meaning, prints will be non-existent, the hard drives would have failed, social media will have changed, cloud storage will be a thing of the past, and there won’t be much left of those pictures. Albums ensure that you have something tangible from your wedding day that will be around forever.

So how are they different from shuttefly? Shuttefly has a process and equipment in place that allows them to pump out a lot of product very quickly, and they use lower quality materials to make that product. Think of it like the Mcdonalds for albums. Our albums are made by hand with the best materials available. High quality leather, acrylic, canvas or metal covers the album. As you flip the cover over, you’re welcomed by a fabric liner adding even more class to the album. The pages are made of the best photographic paper and allows the pictures to pop. The pages are also very thick, providing extra protection for all of the images inside. I’m a full believer in “you get what you pay for” and when it comes to weddings, I don’t want to provide couples with anything less than great, and that’s exactly what our wedding albums are. I’m so thankful for our wedding album suppliers. They do tremendous work, and they provide us with albums that we are proud to give to our couples.