Wedding Photography Shelbyville, IL :: Ashley + Calen

Once in a while, there will be a wedding or two that kind of just pop up on our schedule. Ashley and Calen’s wedding was that way. About a month before the big day, I received a message from Calen asking if I had the day available. I LOVE these weddings when I have them available, of course. I love them because my schedule is pretty set by that time and then all of a sudden something gets added. It’s a little bonus for the month. Ashley and Calen’s wedding day was definitely a bonus! This was a different wedding day than the typical one we shoot. On their day, this was to be just a ceremony with a meal afterward for those that celebrated with them. Beforehand, however, we did what I’ll call a lifestyle session. I guess you could technically label it an engagement session, but since it was the day of the ceremony, it was more or less a part of the celebration of the day. I loved everything about this!

From the lifestyle session beforehand to the ceremony, it was a very relaxed ceremony. Both Ashley and Calen were so laid back, yet both of them were on the ball too. Sometimes laid back weddings can run behind or have a lot of things go wrong because of the laid back nature, but not this one. They were a fun couple to photograph and interact with, and their ceremony, wow! It took place at the Roxy Theater downtown Shelbyville. I have actually never been to the theater… surprisingly because I do love my movies! The ceremony took place on the stage of the theater, so cool! Their wedding day as a whole was one that pushed my abilities. I typically do not shoot at high noon because the sun is so harsh, however, the lifestyle session took place between 12:00 and 2:00. I’m super thrilled with how the pictures turned out during this time. Next challenge, the theater. It looked amazing inside, however, it was dark! I had to set up flashes for the ceremony pictures. I think maybe one other time in my 8 years of wedding photography, I have used flash during the ceremony. Ashley and Calen’s wedding required a couple flashes. Fortunately, with the theater screen, it looked pretty cool. I’m always open to challenges, and I’m pretty thankful for Ashley and Calen providing me the opportunity to push myself and for trusting me with the photography of their wedding day!