What an honor it is to be given the opportunity to photograph a wedding! It’s the most important day of your lives and for this reason, it’s an opportunity that we do not take lightly. We love telling the story of your wedding day and your love for one another on camera, and what better way to preserve these moments in time than by having those memories printed in a unique, one-of-a-kind, handmade wedding album? Included with all of our packages we want to make sure our couples have something tangible of heirloom quality after the day is over. We also include a host of other items ranging from digital files to prints, video and image boxes full of images from your big day!



Wedding video uses almost all the same knowledge and resources that wedding video does. Our wedding videos, like our photography, have one goal in mind; to produce a unique story-telling experience. Our wedding videos are fun, romantic and short.


While still a video, fusion video differs from the music video in just one way; pictures. A fusion video is a song-length video that features both pictures and video from your day. It still very much has the same romantic and fun feeling the music video does, though.