one flat rate

Our portrait sessions are all about telling your story. Whether that story is the introduction of a new family member, senior pictures, updating those family pictures, or maybe it’s a session just because. We want to tell your story. Now, I understand, every photographer says they want to tell your story and then poses you on a couch in middle of a field. Let’s leave the couch in your home and capture some family memories inside your home. Or maybe your family enjoys fishing, let’s capture those moments on camera. Whatever it may be, I truly want to tell your story because it is my belief that storytelling pictures are going to be ones that will be cherished for so long and will not age throughout the years. Sure, the people in the pictures age, but those moments captured on camera will stay alive forever!

Portrait Session with digital files included: $300

That’s it, one flat rate! No more flipping through pages of prints and packages and feeling confused by all the options. Ultimately, I want portrait sessions to be affordable enough that you can update your pictures year after year. Over the years of doing family pictures, I’ve heard it so many times, “It’s been (5, 10, 15) years since we’ve had family pictures taken.” I do not want this for families. I want to be able to tell your story year after year, or even multiple times per year!

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