Weekly Image: Milky Way

Week 3 and for this week I decided to do a little throwback to last August when the milky way was in clear view. I’m not much of an astronomer, so don’t judge but for some reason I never thought that the milky way was every really this visible in our region until I downloaded the app Star Chart. This thing is seriously about the coolest app for star gazing. It was at that time I saw that the milky way was right above us and I did a little reading on photographing the milky way.

A few days later Natasha and I made our way out into the country. No street lights, no traffic, just darkness. Kind of spooky, but once I looked up and saw the stars and the milky way VERY clearly the spooky setting was quickly forgotten. How amazing. Looking up at the sky and seeing every single star that is is able to be viewed by the naked eye, wow! Simply amazing. God truly is an artist. And then you realize just how small we really are. You want to humble yourself, just look at the night sky and see that you are simply a microscopic spec at best. But what an experience to set the camera on a 20 second shutter speed and see the absolute beauty of the sky come out. Colors pop, stars you didn’t think you’d see pop, even some shooting stars sneak in there.

This was an incredible experience and I’m already excited for next summer when it’s warmer out and we can do it again!