Abigail + Zach // A Fair Barn Salem, IL Wedding Photography

Talk about an amazing location. I was looking forward to Abigail and Zach’s wedding for quite some time. I love weddings out at A Fair Barn in Salem, IL. The location is perfect and the venue helps ensure a great wedding day by having the ability to have the wedding and reception all in one place. With their recently added on bridal room, it made for some beautiful bridal prep images. We started the day with Abigail’s hair and makeup and everything following went great! Something we try to do with every wedding is to work closely with the couple to ensure we have a great timeline and along with that the time needed so that we get the pictures that couples book us for. With Abigail and Zach’s we were able to create a timeline to ensure plenty of time for pictures and I’m so thankful for the time we had too because the scenery, the weather, the sky, it was all so amazing!

These two were really great to work with too. It’s always kind of funny when the wedding day comes, because a lot of times we do not have an opportunity to meet face to face between the engagement session and the reception and when the wedding day comes, it’s almost as if the engagement session happened just a week prior! I love this type of relationship we can build with couples because it makes it comfortable for them and for us, which is of course great, because it allows for some relaxed, real, candid pictures. That’s exactly how it felt like with Abigail and Zach, it felt like it had been just a week or so since last time we worked together, when it was around a year I believe? That of course is in part to these two being such a fun couple and a great one to photograph!