Adams // Effingham, IL Family Pictures

Family sessions are just the greatest. I love getting the kids involved and keeping the session as laid back as possible. During the Adam’s family session, we had such amazing scenery to work with, and I may have pushed my time a bit with the kids, but I was going nuts over all the spots that were available to photograph in. I knew I was pushing this time frame a little bit, typically family sessions are around 30-40 minutes, I think I was at 45 minutes at this point, so I got the idea to do some pictures of the parents, but I wanted leaves falling in the pictures, so I had all four kids grab a handful of leaves and throw them. This made it near impossible to get a good picture with all the leaves, but it definitely brought a lot of laughter and definitely a good memory. This definitely rejuvenated spirits and bought me at least another 10 minutes to grab a couple more locations I wanted to photograph at. Overall though, the Adams were just a thrill to work with. The whole family was so much fun, the location was amazing and the memories that came from this session, I’m sure will be so much fun to look back on as they look through all of their images!