Altamont, IL Engagement Pictures :: Selena + Aaron

Selena and Aaron’s session got off to a pretty interesting start. This story has nothing to do with the pictures or the two of them, but it’s just a fun little tale. On my way out to Selena’s place to do pictures, I looked in my rearview mirror to see an Altamont policeman as close to me as he could possible be. So close that I could not see the grill of his car. We were still in town at this point. I think to myself, one of two things, maybe he needs to get around me, so I slow down a little. After not passing, I think maybe he’s pulling me over, but I literally drive like an old man anymore, my tag was still good, and my lights are all working properly, so I’m not sure what it was. I needed to get my GPS set though because I wasn’t certain where I was to go, but I didn’t want to set it as I was driving for obvious reasons. I drive a couple miles out of town and he was still on my tail. I pulled off at Ballard Nature Center where I thought I’d turn around at the entrance. He followed me into the park. If you are familiar with the park, I drove all the way to the parking lot, turned around and started heading out. Thinking, maybe it was just a weird coincidence and he was meeting someone out there. Nope, he followed me out of the park. Keep in mind we are going on about 5 minutes now with him tailing me as close as he possibly could. And I thought this couldn’t look any more suspicious me driving all the way out to Ballard only to turn around. I exited Ballard, strategically waiting to go until a car or two could separate me from him. Tailing me as closely as he was, took my attention off the road and it was just getting dangerous. I had set my GPS in the parking lot of Ballard, so I knew where I was going. At the first road I could, I turned off and continued on my way, looking in my mirror I see him drive back into town. Maybe he was running my plates? I don’t know, but there’s a little story to kick things off.

Anyway, I arrive at the location for Selena and Aaron’s pictures. The location was absolutely beautiful. There was so much to work with from trails to woods, a pond, pasture, and a country road. It was a dream. There was so much to work with, and we had a great day for pictures as well. Selena and Aaron were a joy to photograph. They were full of smiles and laughter, and of course, this made the location even better with their fun personalities. I love engagement sessions, because not only is a great time to build a relationship, but it’s a great time to talk about the wedding. Working in the wedding industry, I love hearing couples’ plans for their big day. I remember when Selena booked us, she wasted no time doing so. She said she was the type of person that when she knows what she wants, there’s no point looking elsewhere, so I was excited to hear about their plans because so many decisions had already been made. This is the same type of personality I have when it comes to purchasing a product or service. For example, when I car shop. I narrow down a list to about 3 vehicles. From there, I tear apart each one from reviews and such to narrow it down to one car. That way, when we go to the dealership to look, we aren’t scanning or kicking tires. We know what we want, and that’s it. I’m excited to work with them again at the wedding. They were a blast at the engageent session and I’m certain the wedding will be a great one!