Amy + Jaron // Ballard Nature Center Altamont, IL Engagement Pictures

Can you believe it’s March already?! I feel like it was just yesterday we were ringing in the new year and already we are nearly 1/4 of the way through 2016! Typically winter is a slower time for us as photographers, it’s not as nice out, in fact it’s pretty crappy out as the snow starts to melt and the salt and dirt is all that’s left behind. However on this early March Saturday, it was perfect. Cool, but not cold and a little sun to provide some warmth during the sessions. We did pictures out at Ballard Nature Center, and even though the trees were still bare, I couldn’t be any happier with the way the pictures turned out. From the start, Amy and Jaron were full of laughs and that laughter spread to us too! Typically there’s a warming up session or a breaking the ice that needs to happen, but I feel like with these two, we were joking around and super comfortable with each other from the first picture. I love this, because I love for couples to look relaxed and real in pictures, and that’s exactly what we got in the pictures.

Since Ballard Nature Center is in my own backyard (more or less), it’s always fun to challenge myself to capture it in a way that looks different from any other session. If you look back on all of my blogs from years ago, one thing I’m consistent in is my drive to constantly do something different, even if it’s photographing a place I’ve been numerous times. What’s fun about photography is you can completely change the look of a location you’ve shot in just by moving the camera a little bit. Some of these pictures are shot in the same exact locations I’ve been to before but they look completely new. For me, it’s important to do this for couples because I want them to have pictures that are unique to them, but I also want to challenge myself to try new things. Amy and Jaron were such a blast to work with, they have such fun personalities and I cannot wait for the wedding day to come!