Carter // Altamont, IL Maternity Pictures

I remember talking with Brianne and Daniel some months ago about the possibility of doing maternity pictures. It was quite a fun situation. Natasha and I were at the store when we bumped into Brianne and Daniel. We talked for a bit and eventually got to talking about new things in our lives, to which each of us learned the other couple was pregnant!! Not only that, but the due dates were within a week of each other! So who knows? Maybe I’ll be photographing the birth of both our baby and their baby?! HA! Kidding, of course, I’m sure I’ll be a mess when the time comes. This eventually led to us talking about maternity pictures. This seems like it was so long ago, and to think we are now to the time where the birth of their baby will be happening very soon! Where did time go?! We had an absolutely perfect evening for maternity pictures. We went out to Ballard Nature Center where we took full advantage of the ultra green scenery and soft sunset lighting. I loved it!! Lately, I’ve really enjoyed shooting pictures on the darker side. It sort of replicates the look of film and has a very raw feel to it. I love the way this looks and by doing pictures later in the evening the lighting was perfect for accomplishing this look. We had such a fun time working with Brianne and Daniel and having the opportunity to talk baby with them. Since we are pretty close to the same due date, everything we’ve been experiencing and doing is pretty well the same, so it’s been pretty fun talking about those experiences!