Chicago, IL Portrait Session :: Christine

I’m always a fan of new types of sessions. Something that changes up what I typically do, even if they might be similar to what I do on a daily basis. Christine contacted me about doing pictures downtown Chicago for her golden birthday, titled “This is 25.” I LOVED this idea. Often times we have pictures taken for the obvious events in our life: wedding, senior year, graduation, baby, etc, but this was one I’ve never done before, and I think I’m all for doing this more often. Not just for golden birthdays, but doing pictures, just for the sake of doing pictures. We live in a social media age. We love to share pictures of where we are, what we are doing, and of ourselves. You can only share so many selfies until it’s time to share something of yourself that’s of better quality, am I right? Christine was such a fun person to work with! After talking with her for just a short time, and through our communication via email, I recognized that she had a very outgoing, fun/bubbly personality. I wanted to be able to capture this emotion and personality in pictures and I believe we accomplished that. Looking through nearly, you can almost hear the laughter coming from her. I’ve mentioned it before in previous blogs, but I LOVE pictures of laughter. It’s impossible to see pictures of someone laughing and not share at least a little bit of joy with them. I loved being able to capture her fun personality along with the amazing views Chicago has to offer. We went everywhere from the green gardens downtown to the median of Michigan Ave to skyline pictures. I think we did a pretty great job capturing a lot of what the city has to offer. This was a super fun experience, and Christine was a blast to work with. I’m definitely going to look at doing more sessions like this because it’s such a fun idea. As usual, Chicago did not disappoint. I LOVE having the opportunity to work in Chicago quite a bit and love everything about it. Except for the traffic… not a fan. On to the pictures!