Chicago, IL Senior Pictures :: Marissa

Senior pictures in Chicago are some of the best sessions because the city offers SO much. During this session, Marissa didn’t care to go to all the toursity locations, and that was fine by me. Don’t get me wrong, I love the bean, the skyline, and Buckingham Fountain. I’ll photograph those locations all day long, but I also love doing something a little out of the ordinary when it comes to any city session. Now, I say all this, and we did do some pictures at the entrance of Wrigley Field, but since she’s a Cubs fan, it was a must-have picture. 🙂 Other than that, everywhere else we went took place in side streets, alleys, bridges, and tunnels. Locations that were a little out of the ordinary. One of my favorite locations was a mural inside of a tunnel. Not only did it look really cool, but the lighting was pretty amazing! It came at a cost though. I think it was a little over a mile one-way that we walked to this location. However, while the walk there and back ate up quite a bit of time, it allowed for the Wrigley pictures to really turn out unique. By the time we made it to Wrigley to take pictures, the sun had started to set and the street lights, as well as stadium lights, were on and visible in the pictures. So cool! I’m so thrilled with how these pictures turned out. I love background lights in pictures, and in this case, the Wrigley Field sign being lit up was seriously the best thing that could happen for the pictures. I mentioned the walk to the mural, this is the other thing I love about city sessions; the walk. City sessions typically result in quite a bit of walking, not only is this a nice bit of exercise but it also allows us the chance to see parts of the city that we wouldn’t normally see due to driving. We all know that a city offers so much, but I’m always amazed at just how much the city has to offer, especially for photography. Everywhere you look, just about, there’s a great background for pictures. We had a great time working with Marissa. It’s been super tough limiting the number of pictures I share in this post, but I’ll do my best to keep it manageable.