Effingham, IL Wedding Photographer :: Ashley + Derek

Weddings where this is a chance of rain, we always try to get what we can prior to the ceremony so not to push our luck with the weather. On Ashley and Derek’s wedding day, the weather was saying rain during the couple of hours we had for outdoor pictures between the ceremony and reception. Before and After those times, clear and amazing. Of course, it would happen this way. Fortunately, it was great weather before the ceremony. I guess if it’s going to rain, as long as we have some time rain-free, I can’t complain too much. Before the ceremony, they did a first look and it was on to outdoor pictures of the two of them. Although it was windy, we had clear skies and a great location, Tuscan Hills Winery, to work with. These two were troopers, I felt bad because of how windy it was. Not having any hair, I never really have to worry about this, but after just having her hair taken care of, windy is definitely not a friend of any bride. They pushed through it to ensure we got the pictures of the two of them. Plus, we were shooting video too, so these outdoor locations are extremely important for the video as well.

After the ceremony and family formal pictures, we stepped outside to determine what we should do next. The clouds were pretty dark, the wind was strong, rain was for sure coming and we needed to do wedding party pictures. We did outdoor pictures at the church. I’m pretty thrilled with how they turned out. The clouds actually provided even, soft light throughout, and this always helps pictures. As the reception began, the rain finally came, however, it didn’t stick around long, but it did bring with it some cold temperatures. Fortunately for us and everyone attending the wedding, a massive tent was put up in such a way that the wind was blocked. Even without heaters in the tent, it wasn’t that bad. Step outside of it, and the wind and cool temperature was definitely a bit of a shock. The reception went perfectly! The dance floor was full and everyone was having a blast. For video especially, this is what I love to see! It makes for some pretty great footage. What a fun day it was celebrating with Ashley and Derek, congratulations you two!