Fall Senior Pictures

I recently purchased some colored smoke bombs with a vision of using them during senior pictures. This was all a part of trying new things this year. Earlier we used colored powder, tried some new editing styles, this time it was smoke. I love pushing myself and trying new things. Sometimes it doesn’t work out, but overall it leads to me learning new things and continuing to master my craft. For this session, like a couple others I have posted, we used the tall evergreens not far from where I live. I LOVE this area. Two of our senior reps for this year, Marissa and Fatima, modeled for the pictures. I’m not going to lie, after this session, I’m definitely going to be using smoke for future sessions (for those who want it of course). We started off the session with normal senior pictures in the woods. This area is seriously pretty breathtaking. The insanely tall evergreens provide quite a backdrop. Then, it was time for the smoke. Never having used these smoke bombs I wasn’t sure what would happen. How much smoke did they put off? This was one question I was very curious to find out. Well, let me tell you, it’s a lot of smoke! And on this particular day, we didn’t have much of a breeze, so the smoke just kind of lingered around. Fortunately, it was bright yellow and bright red, so I don’t think anyone could wonder if there was a fire. Overall, this was a super fun session. Marissa and Fatima were, as usual, so much fun to work with. Definitely looking forward to their full senior session up in Chicago soon!