Gender Reveal with Smoke

If you follow me on social media, I’m probably going to sound like a broken record with this message, but I’m going to act like you haven’t seen my post and write about this sweet family anyway. 🙂 When we found out we were pregnant with Liam, soon after, we ran into Brianne and Daniel at the grocery store and told them our news. They laughed because they had some news of their own, and how they had been meaning to talk to us about maternity pictures. We did Brianne and Daniel’s wedding, and being asked to photograph the next chapter in their life was just so amazing, what a huge honor it was! Not only was it fantastic to be able to continue to work with them, but by going through the same stage of life with them, taking a prenatal class together and having our firstborns within a few days of one another, we were able to share life together and become great friends throughout this process. Fast forward to today, Brianne and Daniel break the news they are pregnant, how exciting!! A short time later, we find out we are pregnant too!! I love that we have been able to work with Brianne and Daniel through the stages of their life and capturing their story, but even more, I love that we’ve been able to share life together and have a friendship come from that! These two are just a fun, sweet couple and their little fam is just a blast to photograph. Last week, they had their gender reveal party, but they wanted to do something in pictures to capture the emotion of finding out the gender. Smoke seemed like a fun one to do, and so the day of their session, they handed me a sealed envelope, and the gender inside. I had a blue smoke grenade and a pink one, but to make sure the color of smoke was a surprise, I had to take the labels off. I marked them so I knew which was which, but there was still a part of me that was SUPER nervous that I would hand them the wrong one. Fortunately, I triple checked and even quadruple checked to ensure I had the right color. It was a girl!! I handed Daniel the pink smoke, he pulled the wire and they found out within a couple seconds what they were having. The emotion was just too much fun to photograph and so real!!

Fun story about the day of the session. All day, it was pretty clear out, seemed like a great day for pictures. Then about an hour before the session, a storm came, it was crazy windy out and the rain was coming down hard. About 10 minutes before their session, it stopped. As we started doing pictures, it began to rain, but very lightly. Enough that you can see some of the raindrops on Daniel’s shorts though. It ended up working out great because the cloudy sky helped the smoke pop a lot more, so I’ll take a few raindrops if it means vibrantly colored smoke.