Jordan // Maternity Pictures Ballard Nature Center

Coming into 2016, we knew that we would eventually be adding baby photography to the mix of everything we do, as well as everythign that comes with baby photography, like maternity pictures. We didn’t know exactly when it would happen, we were thinking about kicking things off later in the year, but then decided this summer we should start sooner rather than later. Funny how things work out because when we made the decisiion to start sooner it wasn’t long after I received an email from a Jordan and Logan (who’s wedding we did last October) letting us know they were pregnant and wanting maternity pictures! A big reason we wanted to start incorporating baby pictures into what we do is because we capture every stage of life just about except for when the family grows. From family pictures, high school seniors, and weddings, there have been too many couples we have sent elsewhere because we weren’t offering baby pictures. The day of Jordan’s maternity session, it was just about as humid as it could be for an Illinois summer. So humid that my lenses would not stop fogging up. For over 30 minutes they were fogging, so I’d have to wipe, shoot, wipe, shoot, repeat for nearly the entire session. For some of the pictures, I let the fog stay on the lens because it created quite a dreamy effect, but of course I did not want this effect throughout the entire collection of images. Regardless of the humidity, the scenery at Ballard Nature Center was fantastic, and Jordan’s dress was super colorful and definitely popped with the dark green background in most of the images. We started the session much later in the evening, partly hoping for a cooler evening, but also for the nice soft light we would get from the sunset, and nice soft light is exactly what we got. It was perfect. It was so amazing having a chance to work with Jordan and Logan again! Soon they will have a little addition to the family, and we are so excited for them!