Lifestyle Family Pictures :: Henry

As we continue our transition of our family pictures toward lifestyle sessions, we had the opportunity to work with the couple who kicked off our wedding photography career. Brianne and Luke gave us the opportunity of continuing our change for family pictures by capturing moments rather than poses. Lifestyle family pictures are a totally different way of thinking when it comes to family pictures. We still do a little bit of posing and such, but very little. We photograph life happening. During this time of year, especially, while it’s cold out, families tend to spend a little more time indoors. Lifestyle family sessions allow us to continue family pictures through the winter now, and honestly, these indoor sessions are quickly becoming some of my favorites! When I think about pictures hanging on the wall, and I look at posed pictures compared to lifestyle pictures, while both are great pictures and have their place, I can’t help but imagine lifestyle pictures hanging on the walls for years and it being okay. I’m sure we all have those posed shots framed on the walls that we look at and think, I really need to update that picture. Maybe you have an addition to the family, or maybe your kids are teenagers now and not babies. I feel like lifestyle pictures on the walls of you and your babies are okay even when they are older because it’s not a picture of everyone looking at the camera, but rather it’s a moment in time that you can look back on and cherish. Not that a posed shot can’t be cherished, but if it’s a picture of everyone’s faces, and it’s 10 years old, chances are, everyone looks a bit different. It’s also been really fun watching families interact with each other. During this family session, we started in the bedroom where they kind of just cuddled on the bed. This was initially a posed shot, but the kids quickly changed it from being posed to 100% candid. We moved to different rooms in the house where the kids spent time playing with their toys, and Bri and Luke would also join in and help with the puzzles, or replacing batteries.

Generally, with family pictures, you have a limited amount of time until the kids begin to get bored. I get it, I was that kid too. This is where lifestyle sessions are a HUGE benefit. Snacks make everything better, right? Snacks also make for great pictures too during lifestyle sessions… not so much during posed/traditional sessions. After a little snake time, the kids were back at it. Jumping from the couch onto the floor. Tickling each other. The whole family playing with each other. Seriously, these sessions are a blast! This session was so much fun and it was so great having another opportunity to work with Bri and Luke. Last time we did their family pictures, there were only three of them! It’s always great photographing a family as they grow!