Mallory + Kase // Effingham, IL Wedding Photography Thelma Keller Convention Center

It didn’t take 2016 long to start us out on weddings with our first wedding taking place January 2nd. We’ve known Kase and Mallory for quite some time so it was deifnitely a huge honor to be asked to photograph their family. Being friends of the family and having friends of friends definitely made the day, and the start of a new year, pretty incredible as we were able to catch up with so many people, including Kase’s brother Robby which if you go back 2 years we did his and Ashley’s wedding pictures in Texas. So it was definitely pretty awesome to see so many familiar faces, but it was even better celebrating the day with Kase and Mallory! These two are pretty special. Both of them have a love for each other that’s just so incredible it made capturing their day much easier. For example, if you’ve ever seen the show “Lie to Me” you’ll know a lot of that show is based on what they call micro-expressions. These are expressions you make that last just a fraction of a second and you typically have no control over this. When I watched this show, I always figured it was made up or exaggerated… that was until Kase and Mallory’s wedding. After Mallory got dressed, her bridesmaids wanted to pray over her and wanted a few pictures during this time as well. At one point I was photographing Mallory’s face, her sister was praying for her and a few times mentioned the love that she had for Kase. EVERY time she said this, Mallory’s lips would sort of twitch into a smile, but just for a fraction of a second; a micro expression. Everything about a wedding day is awesome, of course, but this was the cherry on top. This definitely showed there was something special with them.

That wasn’t the only cool thing about the wedding day. After the ceremony, we went into the reception where things were handled a little differently from most receptions, and I think I’m a huge fan of the way it was done. There wasn’t any dancing, no over the top entrance of the entire wedding party forcing the crowd to awkwardly clap for people they don’t know and for a reason they don’t know why, no googled speeches during the toasts, it was just a time of hanging out and celebrating the new marriage. After Kase and Mallory were introduced to the crowd, they went to cut their cake and then a meal, but it was what happened after that was pretty awesome. After the meal, their best man and maid of honor made speeches. Neither of these were like most speeches we hear. They were words of encouragement to both Kase and Mallory, words that were uplifting and inspiring not just for them individually, but as a couple. After those two speeches, they invited a handful more people up to say something. They had a mentor, business owner, a pastor, someone who’s still single, and a close friend of the family come up and say something. Each had something different to offer and it was SO cool! I truly hope Kase and Mallory remember the words that were spoken, because there was such wisdom shared! It was so inspiring and uplifting even for me and I was just the photographer. These speeches, though, definitely topped any other reception. No matter how crazy the dance, the lighting, or whatever other events may happen. Kase and Mallory’s wedding day was such a blast and we had a great time working with them! Congrats you two!