Marlee // Retiring Jr. Miss Effingham County Pictures

This past winter, I worked with Marlee after it had snowed to shoot a ‘Frozen‘ inspired session as she was the Jr. Miss Effingham County. Now that summer is here, a new Jr. Miss has been crowned and we did some retiring pictures at the fair to commemorate her time as Jr. Miss. I love the fair. It’s kind of like Christmas. When it comes, it’s kind of annoying because of the lines, the money that is spent, the amount of food you eat, but at the same time you catch yourself almost feeling the emotions or excitement you may have had as a kid. Whether it’s seeing this emotion in other kids or simply remembering the good ol’ days, it’s a pretty good feeling as you enjoy the time with everyone. And maybe this is just me, but the fair kind of takes me back because not a lot has changed with it. It’s got the same rides, the same food, same smells, same sounds. Granted it’s all a little updated, but ultimately it’s all the same, so I guess it’s kind of like you are taking a step back in time and as you walk the pathways at the fair you find yourself feeling like a younger you walking those same paths, enjoying your time at the fair… that is until you realize you have to pay for everything with your own money and not your parent’s! HA

Regardless, the fair is such a fun place to be. For the first part of Marlee’s pictures we spent the afternoon walking around to different locations of the fair; from the grandstand, the horse barns, the 4-H barns, and some places in between we captured the essence of the fair as she was dressed as the queen. One thing was missing. We needed the glow of the night time lights from the fair, so I asked if she’d want to do some that night and she was definitely on board. We arrived later that evening after the sun had set and got some images of her with the lights and the activity of fair-goers in the background. It was such a fun time, and I feel so honored and thankful that they would allow me to do her pictures!