Owen // Newborn Pictures

When I received a message from Emily in regards to doing Owen’s newborn pictures I was so excited. While we’ve not worked specifically with her in the past, she’s been a part of a couple weddings that we’ve had the honor of photographing, so it was definitely exciting to have an opportunity to work with her and her family! Owen was such a sweet boy to work with too! Like every other baby that has come into our studio, he was absolutely perfect! After about 20 minutes of working with him, he was out the rest of the session and we were able to pose him and move him without waking him! This allowed us to create some really fun images of him. Being able to photograph newborns is such a massive honor! They are only this small and this calm for a short amount of time and having that kind of opportunity and being trusted with such a responsibility is one we do not take lightly. We loved working with Owen and his parents! They were such a great family!