Princeton, IN Wedding Photographer :: Jacinda + Matt

Wedding season is here!! It’s amazing how quickly winter comes and goes. I know it always zips by, but at the end of every wedding season, I feel like I have ages until the next one. Wrong! And it never fails that I find out just how out of shape I become. Wedding photographer fitness needs to be a real thing. Imagine your job consisted of walking, running, doing squats, carrying a bag of weights, not really eating, getting just one bathroom break in an 8+ hour span (if you’re lucky), that’s what it is like being a photographer. The first parts are the easy parts, of course, but the no eating and one bathroom break, those can get tough. It’s funny though, because during the summer after many weddings, on a Saturday that I have free, I won’t each much simply because it’s as if my stomach knows it’s Saturday and it prepares itself to not be fed. HA!

What a great couple we had to start our wedding season off with. Jacinda and Matt were so much fun, as I knew they would be already because their engagement session was a blast. The week leading up to the wedding and even the day off, The Weather Channel was calling for a 90% chance of rain and high winds. We got some of the wind, but throughout the day, until 9:00 pm, no rain! Thank God!! How cool to have a day of expected rain, only to not have rain? Although, Jacinda was prepared as the girls did have umbrellas. And Jacinda seemed totally chill about the possibility of rain. I wouldn’t blame anyone for being a little frustrated, no one wants it to rain on their big day. And while I personally want to make sure we get great outdoor pictures, ultimately, the day is about two becoming one, and that’s all that matters. Regardless of what happened that day, it was going to be a great one because these two were ready to be married and so full of love.