Rath // Altamont, IL Family Pictures

When I was contacted by the Raths they asked if it was okay if their dog came, to which of course I replied that he was more than welcome! Here’s the the thing, whether parents of humans want to admit to it or not, animals are very much like kids and as a photographer photographing kids or pets, I can say that when it comes to pictures, kids and pets are exactly alike. For example, as we posed these two with their dog, someone else was telling the dog to stay as I took the pictures by waving around a snack. Put a family with small kids in the picture, parents will stand behind me, tell their kids to smile and if they do, they’ll get ice cream afterward. To keep the dog entertained they had a tennis ball, because a bored dog will turn into a disobedient dog. Family with kids will bring toys or snacks to keep them entertained because a bored kid turns into a crying kid. Catching my drift? It’s almost quite humorous how alike kids and pets are. Thankfully though, Rath’s dog was not disobedient but rather pleasant to work with. He was so good and in some of the pictures it looked as if he had a huge smile on his face!