San Francisco, CA Engagement Pictures :: Tracy + Sam

When I talked with Tracy and Sam about their wedding day, and the topic of engagement pictures came up, they were all for doing pictures out there way in San Francisco. This is a city I’ve wanted to visit for a long time. I love the redwoods, the bridge, Alcatraz and really just the military history of that area. It’s such an awesome city with so much to see, but the thing I think I loved the most, and this might be a little odd, the temperature! Oh my goodness, it was amazing!! I think the entire weekend I was there, the high was in the upper 50s! It was perfect! However, go to the Golden Gate Bridge observation areas, or along the beach, and it’s a totally different story. High winds, and cold! I mean, see-your-breath cold! It was pretty unreal, and you probably won’t even be able to tell just how cold or windy it is from Sam and Tracy’s pictures. Seriously, at times, it was a battle just to walk a straight line! For the session, we stuck north of the city. Grabbing a few shots with the bridge, but other than that, we didn’t really do the touristy thing, which I love! Even though I’ve never been to the city before, I loved photographing locations that were special to Sam and Tracy. This made the session even more special and just an overall blast! I have to hand it to Tracy, I don’t know how she did it in a sleeveless dress with how cold it was but like I said, you won’t even be able to tell how cold it was by looking at their pictures. If I had a picture of me, you’d see me in a t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, and a hoodie. I do love the cold, but my chest and arms are pretty dinky when it comes to cold winds. HA!

After some pictures with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, we made our way around the hillside to a beach. As we walked some of the trails and I looked around, it was just amazing to me. All around the hillside were old bunkers, tunnel entrances, forts, and missile launch sites. It was amazing to think that less than 80 years ago, there was a heavy military presence here and some of the places we parked the car were some of the very places that cannons were being loaded and shot. Now, more than 10 million people every year visit the area, enjoy the views and walk the paths, some of the same paths that soldiers would have walked during the war. It’s amazing just how much has changed in less than 80 years. I mentioned people visit the area to enjoy the views… wow! Were these views pretty spectacular! One of the last areas we did pictures was a flat top cliff that overlooked the ocean and on both sides, more cliffs were viewable. It was absolutely breathtaking! Words cannot explain how thankful I am that Sam and Tracy gave me this opportunity and trusted me with their engagement pictures! These two were just the best, and I cannot wait until the big day!!