Taylor + Stephan // Engagement Pictures, Trek Trail, Effingham, IL

With Spring upon us, I’m still convinced that winter will make it’s appearance here. Seems like it happens every year. Spring arrives and we get a dumping of snow in late March. I hope I’m wrong, but only time will tell. Taylor and Stephan were wanting some images for their save the dates. Since everything is still kind of dead looking out, this wasn’t the full on engagement session. Part of the purpose of this session was to have a couple images that were winterized. This is probably exactly what it sounds like, images that are photoshopped to look like winter. I’ve done this with a few sessions this year because unfortunately, winter did not give us much snow. Plus, their wedding takes place in December, so it makes sense to send out save the dates that coordinate with what it could possible look like in December (at least I’m hoping it’s a white winter this year).

Only a couple images were winterized, it’s quite a job to turn a spring image into a snowy image, but the end result is one that I’m pretty happy with. I like to make everything as real as possible, the snow for example is real snow that was photographed, just not at the time that Taylor and Stephan’s picture was taken. By using an image of real snow, it adds a more realistic look to the image because if it were really snowing, this could be how the snow actually looked. Because this was Save the Date session, it wasn’t a lengthy one like our engagement sessions, but the short time we worked together, I had a great time working with these two. They are such a sweet couple and having just a taste of what the engagement session might be like, I look forward to when it warms up a little more consistently and the colors outside start to change so we can get on to the real thing!