Taylorville, IL Wedding Photography, Pillars Event Center :: Monica + Matt

This weather has just been amazing lately. What a perfect day we had for Monica and Matt’s wedding. Their wedding took me to a new location that I’ve not been to before; Pillars Event Center in Taylorville, IL. This location is an old Baptist Church that has been remodeled into a complete wedding event center. Rooms are available to provide a space for the girls to get ready, the guys to get ready, a small chapel for the ceremony to take place and then a large room (where the church sanctuary used to be) with lots of space for the reception. It’s the complete package and WOW! Does it look amazing?! I’ve seen some pictures of the work that’s been put into it and it definitely shows. Checking out everywhere we would be working, I opened the doors of the chapel to see what the lighting situation was. Holy cow, it was perfect. Large windows letting in a flood of sunlight. After that, I met up with Monica and the bridesmaids to check out the lighting situation in their prep room. Again, a flood of natural light with an amazing navy blue wall with a white mantel in the background. This made for some well-lit pictures with a very interesting background.

Early on in the day, it was already perfect. Everything was working so great for pictures. After the ceremony, and during cocktail hour, we ventured out to an old warehouse with the wedding party. I did not know exactly what to expect. Were we going inside? What did it look like on the outside? Is it crumbling or still standing? As we approached the building, the photographer in me started drooling! This place was a dream. The exposed brick behind the vegetation that had started to consume the building was perfect. The vegetation growing around it made it even more interesting. The windows busted out added a ton of character. I didn’t want to leave, but we had a reception to get to. To go along with the perfection of the day, the reception was just that; perfect. The large room provided comfortable space for guests, and it allowed for quite a large dance floor, which is always nice for pictures, and for our equipment to be out of the way. We had a blast working with Monica and Matt. The day could not have been any more perfect. From the weather to the location to how smoothly the day went. It was absolutely amazing!